A sad day…

I can’t even concentrate right now.  So I decided to write instead. This is more a post of my thoughts, then a concise article or story.

When someone finishes a marathon is its a true accomplishment.  Something to be proud of, something that no ordinary person can do.  It’s something we want our friends and family to witness, and most of the time they do.

It takes months, sometimes years of training.  Sometimes you get up before the sun rises to get that run in for the day, possibly with a headlamp and warm clothes.  You put up with injuries and those days when you just don’t feel like running, all for the purpose of finishing your marathon in your goal time.  Whatever that may be.

Hundreds and thousands of people of saying “I did it”, were robbed of that accomplishment.  Because now any sense of accomplishment will be diminished by the fact that 2 souls were lost and several people injured, some losing the very things that make it possible to run, their legs.  Others lost their inspiration, their child.

The spectators at marathons are a blessing to runners, every mile and every step.  They cheer us on and support us with high fives, water, and Gatorade.  At no point should they be in any danger, at no point should they have to fear for their life as they cheer a friend, family member, or even a complete stranger.

Today I am truly at a loss as to why someone would do such a horrific thing to those who only wish to support people trying to accomplish their dreams.

Tensions will be raised, security will be tightened, but I will guarantee you one thing. Runners will not stop running.  We will not live in fear of anything, we are resilient, determined, and steadfast in what we do.  More people will flock to Boston next year, and the year after that.  To not only run for themselves, but in honor and memory of those lost and injured today.

I hope that crowds will continue to show up with that same determination and their same high fives, random shout outs and water offerings. We as a running community need to come together to acknowledge how much they mean to us. And I am sure we will. Without them, running would not be the same.


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