RTO Time!

It’s that time of year again. Every summer for the last 3 years I have prepared myself for the grueling relay run know as the Reno Tahoe Odyssey. The relay is 178 miles of high-elevation running through the desert, tahoe, and along the truckee river. A lot of runner’s have a blast running with their friends in teams of 12 or few runners.  Costumes, lights, decorations and team names are part of the crazy atmosphere that is RTO. You will find the hardcore runners as well as the casual runners throughout the course.

Usually my team is in the middle of the pack and a mix of casual and endurance runners. We like to have fun but we also like to run somewhat fast.  My mentality has always been a somewhat serious one as I consider myself a competitive person. Either way, I have been prepping for the race since I finished my marathon in April and expect to do somewhat better than previous years as I have more experience running in relays.

I requested downhill legs this year as I usually get stuck with all the uphills and “hardest” legs.  But in retrospect I think downhills are just as hard as uphills as it forces your body to run faster and stronger.  During one of my training legs I was able to do 6 miles in 40 minutes.  3 of those miles were downhill on rough and rocky terrain and the other 3 were an even grade.  The one thing I noticed when I was done was how sore my body was.  As a distance runner, I am not used to running downhill all the time, especially at a 6 min pace.

Either way, I expect to go out at a reasonable pace for my two legs and then push the throttle for the “Geiger Grinder”.

You can follow us on Twitter [https://twitter.com/HeelsofSteel13] with live race updates and I will post a follow-up after the weekend is over.

Happy running!

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