2013 RTO Race Report


So I completed my 3rd year of the Reno-Tahoe Odyssey this weekend.  And just like in previous years I had a blast!  The weather was pretty hot at times, but about 20 degrees cooler than last year.  Anyways, let’s get right to it!

We arrived at the exchange point ready to roll and right before my van is set to go off I get a call from my credit card company about mysterious charges to my account, bottom line it looks like someone charged $450 bucks to my account without my knowledge… Not the best news for me to hear before I am about to start a 178 mile relay race.

So I get set to run my first leg and cruise by 6 people to finish my leg with an average pace of 7:17 on a flat 6,000 elevation course. Hit up my 2nd leg around 2AM after resting in the Denny’s parking lot for 40 mins and average pace this one at 6:25 for 4 miles with 6 road kills.  Mind you it was mostly downhill.

Then the third leg, the one I trained for was a very dangerous downhill on very rocky terrain.  I start off at a nice 7:00 min pace and then once the downhill starts, I held nothing back and passed 8 people within the first half mile and am going down about a 5:00 min pace sometimes going to 4:50.  Feeling great, then I see these two elderly ladies walking their two small dogs up the mountain trail BLOCKING the trail. I come down screaming ON YOUR RIGHT!  They look at me confused and continue to block the trail.  I hurdle over the dog leash and nearly hit another runner who was passing them at the same time. I regain my balance and breath a sigh of relief… the next thing I know I’m falling to the ground, I catch myself with my hands and do a pushup to get back up and running.  I brush off all the dust on my clothes and continue to run.  At this point I am seriously angry at myself as I have NEVER fallen on a trail run in all my life. And I know this course like the back of my hand.  About 2 minutes later I look down at my hands and realize they are gushing blood.  Crap. I get down to the bottom of the hill and their is a first aid station, I ask for water as I am approaching and they say, “WATER IS AT THE END”.  I show them my hands as I run by and say… “it’s for my hands but whatever”.  I keep running.

I am hurting all over at this point as this was my 3rd leg and I had a grand total of 0 sleep for the past 24 hours. I struggle to keep going, luckily my teammates arrive and offer me some cold water, I ignore my hands at this point and use it to cool down.  Mind you its 85 degrees at this point in the dry desert of Reno.  I maintain a 6:30 pace for a while then slow to a 7:00 min pace then a 7:30-8:00 min pace.  Only 2 more miles I tell myself. After running a marathon you think this would be easy, but 6.4 miles was tough this day. I come into the exchange point and hand off the bracelet to our next runner exhausted. I ended up passing 27 people on my leg and finished it in 44:30  with an average pace of 6:58. I was done…

There is something to say about running relays, this was my 4th relay I have done and each one is filled with memories and unique runs you just don’t forget.  Marathons are great, but if you guy’s haven’t done a relay id recommend it.


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