A new 10k PR


Last weekend I ran the local Reno 5000 10k.  I thought this might be a good idea to run something before I started training heavily for Twin Cities, just to see where I am at.  Here is my race report, as best as I can remember it.

Mile 1 – 7:12 pace: I decided to line up near the start of the pack because I get tired of wasting energy passing people.  Usually at these smaller local races only about 5 of the people in the front, stay in the front.  The rest last for a mile and fade.  Felt pretty strong as I passed by most of the people lined up in front me before this mile was over.

Mile 2 – 7:04 pace: Cruising down the road now after running around the track and parking lot for almost a mile. Still passing a few people.

Mile 3 – 7:13 pace: A little incline here, I decide not to push myself too hard as I want to maintain around a 7:15 pace or under. I start seeing the leaders pass by me on the right.  The course is an out and back.  They are moving…super fast but I also realize I am not too far behind them, maybe a few minutes. Passing a lot of half-marathoners at this point, having to do some weaving and dodging.

Mile 4 – 6:55 pace: I had a little downhill for about half of this mile and decided to push the pace a little.  I was trying to keep up with a runner right ahead of me, we pretty much stayed with each other for the last 2 miles.

Mile 5 – 7:13 pace: There was a turn somewhere around here that was sort of confusing because the guy I was following went straight and I went right.  I screamed at the course volunteers which direction the 10k was suppose to go and following the sign and them, I went right.  I had to slow a bit here too as I wanted to double check I got it right, I have missed a turn before in a race and it’s not fun.

Mile 6 – 6:58 pace: I lost my running buddy so it was just me for the last mile. The course was also empty, I could see 1 or 2 10k runners ahead of me, but by a few minutes.  No one behind me, just me and the road trying to break my PR.

Last .10 – 5:38 pace: As soon as I rounded the last corner I pushed into a hard sprint. Regretfully the clock wasn’t working so I didn’t know my exact time. I checked my watch as came through and it read 43:13.  Damn, off by 14 seconds.  I wanted to break into 42 minutes for the race, but I still ended up PRing.

Afterwards, I found the guy who I was running with for the majority of the race and he said he missed the turn.  I reassured him he would have finished around 43 minutes.

The results got posted and I was in shock, I got 7th place overall and 2nd in my division.  Out of 170+ racers in the 10k that wasn’t too bad. My official time was 43:03.

So a nice little confidence boost before training begins for Twin Cities!

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