Inaugural Reno 10 Miler

So woke up early this morning and got ready for the 10 miler race downtown.  I ran 5 miles yesterday and my legs were still sore from the rough 48 mile week.  Anyways, got downtown and only had enough time to run a 1 mile warmup.  Toed near the start line and took off for my first 10 mile race. My plan was to run around a 7:30 pace but I wouldn’t try to overdo it since I still had to run 18 miles today.

The course started off easy enough, but quickly turned into a hellish uphill battle.  For literally the first 4 miles it felt like I was running uphill 80% of the time, and these were not small hills.  But again I think my mind was playing tricks on me.

Mile 1: 7:42 

Mile 2: 7:09 

Mile 3: 7:48 

Mile 4: 6:58 

So mile 4-5 is where I started coming down the hill a little bit, then afterwards there were a few up and downs but nothing drastic. I decided not to wear my fuel belt, but instead carried a Gatorade in my hand that was about 25% full. At around this point I took my 2nd Chew Blok, I took one at the start.

Mile 5: 7:07

Mile 6: 7:19

Mile 7: 7:37

Another hill to compete with on mile 7, that and I was started to question why I was trying to inflict pain on my sore legs this Sunday morning… lol

Mile 8: 7:25

Mile 9: 7:16

With only 1 mile to go, I thought I would up my pace just a little. Looking back at my time, I am wondering how long I could of kept that pace up.

Mile 10: 6:16

Overall time 1:12:40 according to my GPS watch. 29th overall with an average pace of 7:19

I walked around for a bit afterwards, grabbed a banana and a water, stretched for 2 minutes and then started to run back to my car, dropped my medal off and turned around and started to run the course backwards giving people encouragement that were still running. Props to race 178 for putting on a great race, plenty of support along the way and great signage near the end to give runners some encouragement. Ended up running another 6 miles to end my morning with a little over 17 miles of running.  I felt like I ran a marathon, so I think it was good training in the end.  I wonder how I would of done with fresh legs. =P

Tomorrow, I am going to take the day off completely.  No running, no lifting, just rest.

Happy running everyone!

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