Clo-Cow Half Marathon Race Report


TCM is 3 weeks away… Decided to run a half marathon. So here is the Race Report of the Clo-Cow Half Marathon!

So I am out the door with my friend at 6AM we both needed to get a long run in, so we ran 4 miles before the race to warm up.  Got to the start line and did my usual race prep. I decided to wear my fuel belt and filled the bottle with Gatorade. Ultimately this race was more of a tune-up, to see how I was doing for TCM in a 3 weeks. With the marathon so close my intention was to only run at around 75% to try and not burn myself out for the marathon. My goal was to finish and beat my previous PR of 1:42:59.

Okay, so off we go.

Mile 18:48

So many people thought they should be at the front of the start line… I hate when this happens. So a lot of weaving and trying to get around people who should of been further back in the crowd. I also have to do a 200ft climb to start the race.

Mile 2: 8:03

I start to get in my zone and do about 2 rollings hills on this mile.

Mile 3: 7:40

Okay, getting faster, but these hills.. really how many are there? What is this… I see a run walker 3 miles into the race. What the?  I quickly pass him so he doesn’t mess up my rhythm.

Mile 4: 7:58

Two big hills slow my pace down, I am playing a game of mouse and cat with another runner who passes me on up hills and I pass him on downhills. On top of that he cuts me off at a water station, and stops right in front of me… thanks buddy.

Mile 5: 7:40 

This guy will not go away, every hill he comes back. I decided to put the nail on the coffin and cruise pass him downhill and keep my pace up for the uphill. I hate the game of cat and mouse and I hate people who cut me off. =)

Mount 6: 8:40

No that was not a typo.  This mile consisted of a straight 500 ft climb in about .60 miles.  People were dying on this mile. I kept my head down like the other hills and trodded up at a slow pace. I was swearing under my lip, and I heard many others doing the same. But I kept telling myself, this hill puts the TCM mile 21 hill to shame.

Mile 7: 7:43

Still some leftover hill, but the course is an out and back… You know what the means…

Mile 8: 7:07

After I level off from another hill I see the 500 ft drop below and ask the guy next me what the best part about the hill was. “We get to go back down it”.  I raised my arms and smiled as I cruised down this one passing by about 10 people along the way.  At one point I was rolling a 5:25 pace.

Mile 9: 7:34

More rolling hills, but I am coming off that monster speed boost so I am able to hold my pace.

Mile 10: 7:40

Hmm I seem like to like this pace, 3 miles at the same number.

Mile 11: 7:31

Almost there I tell myself, then I look up and see…. Another hill.

Mile 12: 7:49

I also looked at my watch and realize I could PR if I push my pace a little. It’s a battle as the hills have taken their toll on me,

Mile 13:  6:37

Okay, I remembered the 1st mile was a 200ft climb so I decide I will push my pace a little more and see what I got.  Ran around the corner and pushed further passing a few more people until hearing the cow bells for the finish line. I see the clock and realize I got a new PR. Icing on this training run cake.

Overall time: 1:41:19 with a 7:45 pace.  8th in the division and 53rd overall.  17 total miles for the day, so I got my “long” run in.  And with a course that is not known for PRing.. Ill take it. =O

Now it’s time to taper.  Bring it on Twin Cities.

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