Clarksburg Country Half Marathon RR

Clarksburg Country Run

I’ll do a quick race report for the half I did this weekend.

Ended up getting a hotel room near Sacramento for pretty cheap and stayed the night on Saturday.  Got about 2 hours of sleep and tossed and turned the rest of the night.  Got up early and ate some banana nut bread a banana and some water. Forgot to buy Orange Juice!

Out the door by 740 am as the race is about 30 minutes away. Arrive early and see the 20 milers off, then I get my 2.5 mile warmup run in.  Just a couple out and backs to see how my legs were feeling.  They were super tired from the tough training week and complaining from the get go. It was actually getting a bit warm out, the weather forecast said it would be a high of 75 for the day. I decided not to wear my water belt for this run, might have been a mistake? I put my compression leg sleeves on grabbed a small water bottle to hold for the race, just in case, and tied my shoes one more time and lined up mid-pack.

Gun goes off and we are off!

Mile 1: 7:33

Mile 2: 7:09

Mile 3: 7:13

I told myself I wanted  to try and push the pace a little for this one to see what I could do.  After about 3 miles I was hurting pretty bad. I just set my goal on a runner ahead and told myself I would pass them. Kept doing it until I saw these two taller guys who were going at a nice steady pace.

Mile 4: 7:16

Mile 5: 7:16

Mile 6: 7:10

I felt like I was running with a lead pack at this point, far from it.  But there was no one behind us and no one in front of us.  Just these 2 guys, another fellow to our left and this girl to our right.  the 5 of us just ran together like this from miles 4-8.

Mile 7: 7:07

Mile 8: 7:25

Mile 9: 7:31

Around mile 8 is when I hit my peak. My legs were screaming I was dogging and I felt like garbage. I lost the group I was running with, and told myself I could just slow down and treat this one like a training run.  After looking at my time and what I had left, I told myself If I maintain this pace for the rest of the race I might PR.

Mile 10: 7:37

Mile 11: 7:30

Mile 12: 7:30

Nice and easy, I passed by a few people running the 20 miler and some even passed me. Crazy! But I still was struggling very, very hard to maintain this pace.

Mile 13: 7:13

I finally caught up this guy and and girl running with each other. They were the last people on my “list” to pass. I told them… “Finally, caught you two!” They laughed and said let’s run.  Sure enough it was a battle. The guy and myself picked up the pace a little and I knew I had nothing left to keep up, he cheered me on but ultimately got ahead.

Last little bit.    .19 miles   6:42

A little sprint at the end and I came in with the clock reading 1:36:57. Chip time was 1:36:48 [Avg pace according to GPS was 7:20] Woo!

Felt great to be done, but damn did the race hurt me. Walked around got my medal, stretched, got some food and then drove back home (2 hour drive) after a quick shower.

I am glad I decided to do this race, it was a flat course, out and back and lots of REALLY fast runners. No crowd support, but perfect to test the waters.

Up next a little turkey trot 10k, and then CIM in 26 days.

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