Scheels 10k Turkey Trot 2013

Ran the Scheels Turkey trot on Thanksgiving morning. A tradition I have been doing for the last few years.  My goal was to run a fast race and keep myself within as close to top 40 as I could.  Considering there were 1300 runners, I knew it was going to be a challenge. The weather was cold, but not too bad.. I was able to keep somewhat warm with my big winter mittens, beanie hat, long sleeve tech shirt and shorts.  Oh and my Movember mustache kept me a bit warmer too!

Mile 1:  6:57

Mile 2:  6:45

Mile 3:  6:46

Mile 4:  6:59

MIle 5:  6:49

Mile 6:  6:46

Last .17  1:04  (6:18 pace)

42:07 was my official time for a new PR!

To give you an idea of the temperatures…. my buddy who was also running it came back with ice on his sweatshirt and beard. lol

Up next CIM in a couple days! Taper and diet control until then!

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