Burnt out


Things have been very hectic lately in my personal life, work life, and running life. I feel as if I have no time and no support. So I decided the best way to deal with at least one of those is seek some help from a professional running coach.  On Monday I will join EFAST.  Basically, its a group of professional coaches that help runners like myself obtain their fitness goals.  Though I already am half-way through my running plan I still feel it would be valuable to get some professional consultation on how to improve my running on various levels.

I will also pick up new a pair of Bondis for a birthday present to myself in a few weeks.  I find getting new gear usually makes running more enjoyable again.  Because right now I am dreading getting up in the early morning and running by myself. This week was especially tough as I had to do 10 miles fast, 4 miles, and 11 miles on back to back to back days with little rest from my long 17 mile run on Sunday.

Anyways, gonna grab a much deserved drink or two this weekend.  Cheers.

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