Race 178’s Leprechaun 5k race


Been a while since I updated the blog so figured i’d post an update with the latest races. I will start with my 5k I did for St. Patricks day.  This was a fun race set up by Race 178.  The extra incentive is that there is a speedy leprechaun (fast runner wearing a green outfit) that if you beat you get an additional prize at the end of the race.  And this leprechaun holds nothing back as he starts after EVERYONE has crossed the start line.  Leading up to race week I just signed up for personal training/coaching from EFAST and was in my first week or so with them.  A couple days before the race I got the death plague that was going around work and felt absolutely miserable. I showed up to the race pumped full of drugs, and cough drops in my pockets. My throat hurt and I had uncontrollable coughing. I knew this was going to a challenge.

Toed up to the start line..

Mile 1: 6:22

Went out waay to fast at the start, the first minute I was running sub 6 mins and somewhere near 4:30 for a few seconds. Realized about 2 minutes in I needed to slow down and listen to what my coach (Lauren) said run fast. Run fast but too fast for your first 2 miles then all out for the 3rd.

Mile 2: 6:39

I was actually feeling tired, I never felt tired running only 3 miles, but I think the sickness combined with all the speed I was trying to maintain was hurting me.

Mile 3: 6:43

Well I did the exact opposite of what Lauren said and ended up slower at the end. Doh! Either way finished strong with a new PR!

Final Time: 20:17  (18 seconds from my A goal.)  Wasn’t really happy with my time but I will still take it.

Couldn’t stop coughing after the race so I had to go home and recoup. Ended up pushing myself further by doing a trail run up Dry pond to end the day off.


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