2014 Reno-Tahoe Odyssey Race Report

So this might be my last Reno-Tahoe Odyssey, still unsure if I will be back next year. But all in all another great year with a great team of friends. Leading up to the race I was just building back up from running Ave of the Giants so my thoughts were on speed and consistency.


This year I was assigned one of the harder legs on the course. Leg 2.  The leg consists of mostly longer steady uphill runs. Luckily I was able to practice a little in the heat this year as again it was a hot day to run!

Another added stress to this year’s race was that I was closing on our house in North Carolina the same morning as race day. Which meant, a lot of stress and worry to make sure everything was okay. Little to no sleep the night before also meant I was going into the event tired.

Anyways, our team started at 11:45 AM this year and it was already getting hot. I tried to remember to hydrate throughout the week and morning as much as I could.

When it came time for my run I made sure I was wearing the bare minimum and even switched up my shoes to a brand new pair of Skechers Go Run Ride 3’s I will write up a review on those later.

I was in shock when I went looking for my GPS watch only to find out it was not in my bag, but still charging next to my computer… Of all the things to forget. Luckily a teammate let me borrow hers and I was able to see my pace and calculate my end times for all my legs.


First run (2nd leg): 5.5 miles — 41:10 — 7:29 pace

Hot, that’s about the biggest thing I remember from this leg. In the desert when the sun is out it’s a whole lot hotter and when you start running… ya. That combined with winds and dust blowing in my mouth made this the most challenging run of the course. Even though it was suppose to be relatively easy. Pushed out a little faster at the start than I wanted too but ended right where I needed to be. Passed 3 people on this leg. And got passed by one guy, who I was right behind the whole time after he passed me.


Second run (14th leg) 6.7 miles — 48:12 — 7:11 pace

 So after I got some food in me. I was so hungry going into the first run. And I got a little cat nap. I was ready to rock and roll for the second leg. This was the one I trained for, I ran the leg a few weeks earlier and knew that it was going to be a big climb near mile 5. All i could do was prep myself. So I ran a nice solid pace for the first few miles and felt amazing. Got to the hill and chugged up that thing like no tomorrow. I told my team to wait for me with a beer at the top, they reluctantly agreed. And sure enough POP down the hatch that beer went and I finished off the remainder of the leg which was a slight downhill. At one point I reached a 4:24 pace, the FASTEST I have EVER run.  No hot, just nice chill 36 degree weather, what I love to run in. Passed 4 people on this leg, which was a lot considering I was no where near anyone when I started.


Last run (24th leg) 5.4 miles 38:45 — 7:17 pace

No sleep, and not much energy this leg kind of sucked. I did power through it at a decent pace and was happy with the outcome. Running through the capitol was great, but the rest of the run was kind of dull. Passed 6 people on this leg, 2 of them I saw ahead of time, but I gained on 4 people during, which felt nice.

Race over!


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