Pre-Chicago Marathon 2014

So the time has come for the Chicago Marathon. With only 4 days left I am trying to stay calm and relaxed as best I can. A lot has happened since my last marathon. I am no longer in Reno, NV.  But instead in the green swamp land of Winston Salem NC. But honestly, Winston is pretty damn cool. There are a TON of big hills here for me to climb everyday so I have gotten better at those. The only problem is Chicago is flat, soooo flat. I am pushed my tempo runs, pushed my long runs, stayed to my plan and gone the extra few miles when the time has called for it. I have tried to balance strength training, stretching and massage therapy as much as I can. I even got a pair of lighter “race” shoes to help reduce the weight. I will start carbo loading tomorrow and continue to do so until race day.

What about goals? Well that’s a tough question. Originally, my plan was to go all-out in Chicago and get a Boston Qualifier in front of my family and friends in my hometown marathon.  My MP training runs have pushed me faster than I thought I could go, but a slight foot injury and a slower 7 mile race a few weeks ago has led me to re-evaluate my goals. At this time I think a smart decision would be to fall back to a…

A goal: 3:10

B goal: 3:15

C goal: sub 3:23

I think all of these are attainable with my current fitness level, 3:10 will obviously be a struggle but I am hoping my training, taper, nutrition and the fact that I have so many friends out there will help push me further then my last marathon.

I am set to leave Friday night and will arrive late in Chicago, stay with the parents for a night run my with Dad in the morning for a shake out run and then REST/RELAX.  I’ll head to the expo on Saturday, grab some pasta at Noodles and Co for dinner and wake up ready to see what my body and mind have in store for the 2014 Chicago Marathon.

I don’t expect to BQ this year, but I will  have a damn good time running my home-town race!

Follow my progress live, and wish me luck! #3786

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