Ultimate Runner 2016

With my focus being on speed this spring I figured another test would be the ultimate runner.  What exactly is the Ultimate Runner? Well it’s a unique racing event run by the Twin City track club in Winston Salem. It’s very similar to a track meet, though since I never did track I will explain.

It starts by seeding the runners into heats. The heats are based off your fastest mile time you have. So for example I put 5:55 as my mile time, that earned me a spot in heat number 5.  My friend Jake put in 5 minutes as his mile time and that earned him a spot in heat 1. This is great because the event encourages you to run with people in your same skill/fitness level. Pushing you a little but also making the heats more fun
to watch.

It’s also a challenge because all the races happen in the same day, with little rest in-between. Or sometimes, too much rest in-between.  It starts with a 1 mile run, 4 laps around the track. Then a 400m run (1 lap), an 800m run (2 laps), a 100m sprint, and ends with a 5k (cross country style).

My goal going into the event was just to finish it and try to run hard in each event as I didn’t really know what to expect. I was nursing some injuries before it started so I also didn’t want to aggravate anything.



Mile Race: 5:54 – 37th place

Though the official time read as 5:54 I had 5:53 as my time, either way this earned me a new PR, by about 1-2 seconds. I could of probably shaven off a bit more at the start as it was really bunched up and I didn’t full understand how racing a track works. For example I could of lined up on the outside, instead of behind someone on the inside.

400 m: 67.4 — 33rd

Having learned from the previous event, I lined up on the outside and fought for this pretty hard. I felt tired from the mile going in, and my legs were stiff at the end. Also very bunched up at the end. 

800 m: 2:41 — 30th

I actually felt pretty comfortable during this one, and probably could of gone faster as I remember ducking behind someone and thinking… ya this isn’t so bad ill stay here but ended up passing them 30 seconds later. Note, if you have the opportunity to pass… pass.

100 m: 15 secs — 37th

This was probably the most fun to run, as it was essentially me mustering anything I had left to the start line. And then going all-out. It was a very close heat as I came in neck and neck with 2 other people.  It reminded me of a roller coaster. =)

5k : 23:26 — 40th 

A laughable 5k time for me, though on dead tired legs I was surprised to be under 25. It hurt the entire way. 

Overall: 35th place

The day after.. felt like I ran a marathon… legs were stiff and it was hard to full extension. It was a great event and it was well run by the track club. Timing was quick and fairly accurate and being on the track, you had people cheering you on at various places. My only complaint was the long wait after the 1 mile. It seemed like we were waiting quite a while before starting the next race. 

Next up, a July 4th Kernersville 5k… my last shot at getting sub 20 before marathon training for the Peak to Creek marathon on October 28th…. Time to pile on the miles…


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