Peak to Creek 2016 Marathon

Peak to Creek marathon, saw the course, fell in love and made sure to signup on the day registration opens up.  The course caps out at 300 runners so I knew going in it was a small race, I figured I would be fine provided I was trained, had the right nutrition, some music whatever I can to get me through. The only thing that I could not control was the weather. Sure enough, it happened to be one of the hottest record breaking days of the fall. 

I waited a little too long to write the report for this one so this will be brief. Below is the link to the strava GPS. Since the course took place in the mountains, gps was glitchy.

Splits-PeakToCreekMiles 1-6

I was settling in and feeling good. I met up with Jim who was going for 3:10 and after seeing the weather forecast and just running on feel I decided I would try for 3:10 as well. A realistic and obtainable goal with my level of fitness. Looking back I don’t think I would of changed much, as a ran a pretty smart 1-6.


Still feeling good, I remember doing call outs and status updates with the group i was running with. We were feeding off each other and pushing together. Sort of felt like a nice training run in Winston. We obviously picked it up on the downhill section. But I made sure never to go faster then 6:25 even on steep sections.


This is why i signed up for the race. The nice downhill section in the middle. I wanted to take advantage of it, but not let it ruin me. I think I ran it smart, not too aggressive but manageable.


There was an out and back around here and it drained me pretty bad. I am not sure if it was because it was in the open sun (it was getting hotter). We were on pavement for this section and passing by runners going the other direction and then also seeing Jim, catching up made me wonder what I was doing wrong.


The wheels came off. I still don’t know what exactly happened, but I couldn’t go faster if I wanted too. I  felt good to a point, but it was like I lost all my momentum. Yes it was hot, but I have trained in this. I think my body was used to the steep downhill and going relatively flat made it seem a lot harder.


Jim caught up to me here, right before I missed a turn, luckily someone behind yelled at me to turn right. Note, the signs for this race are small and easy to miss and a course that was not closed to traffic.


Hello darkness my old friend. Jim passed me, several people passed me. Doing mental games in my head trying to figure out if I ran a certain pass if I could still get 3:15. I knew it would be close. I had to stop for water around 21 and walk for about 10 seconds, I was pretty hot at this point and pretty exhausted. Not only did runners pass by, but several cars, trucks, and even an ambulance passed by. Hello dust in your face.


At this point I am just trying to salvage for a small PR.


I see some runners coming up the hill, and I see a group of people up ahead, this means the finish line is close. I try to pick up the gears and get some crowd support through the section… but i soon realize we have to do a “victory lap” around the parking lot. Oh boy… So hear I am seconds away from a new PR and I am running a circle by my car… exhausted…frustrated and dead tired. At this point its close to 76 degrees. I see the finish line and the clock reads 3:16 something. I figure it’s a lost cause. And it was.

No PR this day, no A goal, no B goal. no C goal. I did complete the race and it was a beautiful course. Everything until about 11AM was awesome. The marathon is a challenge no matter what.

Finish time 3:16:23 – 35th overall. 

Time for  a revenge marathon.. Richmond is next up, with only 2 weeks of recovery in between this will be a new level of stress. I am hoping the weather is a lot better though.

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