2018 F^3 Half Marathon

Winter training is hard. I mean think about it… you get up in the pitch dark, you have to put on a bunch of layers because it’s cold as hell outside. You slip and fall and slush through snow. You can never hit your paces because you can’t feel half your body and all to avoid the treadmill. Ugh.

After a training run….

Well that sums up my experience so far this winter, my hardest run was a -15 windchill tundra filled extravaganza where even though i was wearing layers I still lost feeling in my toes and fingers, not to mention the frozen eyelashes. Fast forward a few weeks, and here we are in January, and Chicago is hosting a half marathon along the lakefront. Totally signed up for it. 

But wait, the weather.. its 35 degrees at race start, 40ish near the end. Almost perfect running conditions… Let’s go.

Going to be a short report this time around. 

Felt calm and relaxed going into the race, I made sure to fix a few mistakes I made in the last half marathon. I didn’t even do a write up on it, but suffice to say it was not my best race. Started off too fast, and hit me hard near the end. Anyways fast forward to this race… Proper breakfast beforehand, mini taper as I am mid training for a full in March. This race was to be used as a indicator to see where I stand. At the advice of my coach Will, from runninglane.com my soft goal was a 1:33. He suggested I start off at 7:10 and widdle my way down as the race progressed. I pretty much stuck to that goal precisely. And did my best to main a 7:10 for the first half and then picked it up for the second half, it was very refreshing to see a negative split race. 

Mile 1: 7:15
Mile 2: 7:09
Mile 3: 7:07
Mile 4: 7:10
Mile 5: 7:07
Mile 6: 7:10 — I think i put the headphones on here..
Mile 7: 7:02 
Mile 8: 6:56 — turn around
Mile 9: 7:03
Mile 10: 7:00
Mile 11: 7:01
Mile 12: 7:04 — Didn’t stop but seriously slowed down at a water stop, was trying to calm my breathing.
Mile 13: 6:55
last bit : 6:23

Did I mention this thing took place at Solider field? Not to mention being able to run on the lake. A pretty awesome race, both organization and location.

Lessons learned:
-Breakfast is important. -Negative splits are great!
-Over 30 degrees? No need for a hat, I left mine and was perfectly fine.
– Warmup is important, but don’t overdo it. I felt i probably over did the warmup a bit since i got there early and warmed up early I did a double warmup with some strides near the start, probably could of held off on my warmup.
-Good music helps =)
-Take the enduralyte capsules before AND during the run, I really should of popped another one at about mile 6, but i was too stubborn.
-Push through the pain, as people have said before.. pain is temporary, but internet results are forever. 
-Stretch after the race, on the ground wet or not.

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