2019 Turkey Trot Half Marathon


I was debating even making a blog entry for this one. Mainly because it was just a “for fun” race. But I approached it the same as my half marathon I ran in September, run a conservative first 6 miles and then try and push it after 7, gradually going faster. I think my only mistake was not going sooner. It felt VERY easy the first 6 miles and I probably could of gone a lot faster. My last 5k was extremely fast, so much that it was only 5 seconds away from 5k PR. I had a lot more in the tank than I thought. This was a big confidence booster and hopefully something I can look back at and realize that if you have solid training, it’s okay to start in front of the pace groups. Only 1 more race left in the year. A local 5k… let’s see if I can hold the fitness just a bit longer.

Strava Link

5th AG
30th Overall

A new PR by 55 seconds from the Chicago Half I ran in September.

A few miles left.
The end.

I think the race was well run, with no major issues. A couple of complaints were the out and backs and going through a grassy area about the mid-way point. Really makes you careful not to fall so you can’t go “too” fast there. I appreciated the medal, and post cinnamon roll! Thanks as always to the amazing volunteers, spectators and pacers.

Post race treat…

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